Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cranberry Chutney

Just in time for Thanksgiving...as we're finishing the initial stages of the kitchen remodel and awaiting installation of the oven and cooktop, I'm busy thinking about what I'll cook this weekend!
My cranberry chutney is a family favorite at the holidays, so I'll likely whip up a batch of that.

I thought I would share the recipe in case anyone else would like to try it instead of or in addition to canned cranberry sauce...hmmm...I seem to have momentarily lost my recipe...

Well, try some of these links:

Don't know what to do with chutney?  It's great served on the side with meats, or on sandwiches, or in salad dressings...whatever you can think of, it's great!

Enjoy and Happy Holiday Cooking!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Beast's Kitchen Remodel Progress Update

The framework for the tower is complete and the counter is close and will be done by Monday.  The electrician comes on Wednesday to run the wiring, and then we're just waiting for the face trim before the oven and cooktop can be installed.

We found a countertop today, FINALLY, at Menards...a birch butcherblock...Birch likes that idea.
The cats are freaked out the range, cabinets and counter went away and now there's a new Cat Climing Structure.  Wait till they find out it's not for the cats!
They keep walking into the room, climbing in the tower and crying WHAAAAAT HAVE YOU DONE!

The counter is longer than we need so we'll have an extra piece for my dough counter when the time comes for that sometime in the spring.

Here are some pics of the progress. - Thanks Tim!

Tower Skeleton

Beast in the tower

What, Mama?  I'm not doin' nothin'
Framing the counter
Counter Frame

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beast's Kitchen Remodeling

There isn't much cooking going on this weekend in Beast's Kitchen.  And Beast is not happy about that!  He's very concerned his stove is gone and his favorite perch on top of the cabinets is gone too.

Wait until he finds out they aren't coming back!

Tim is busy building new framework for the tower for the new ovens and the counter for the new cooktops.  We have the counter on order and as soon as it is installed in about 2 weeks we'll get the appliances installed too.  Bonus for the kitties the new oven vents down toward the floor, so there will be a nice new warm spot on the kitchen floor for the kitties to snuggle up in.

The last thing cooked in the oven was pizza, so I think the first thing in the new oven should be pizza too!
And then I'll be able to bake pies for Thanksgiving to bring to Minnesota.  One gluten free for my sissy, and at least one more for the traditionalists.

Once the work is all done on this part we can start working on the other side of the room.  By the end of 2014 hopefully the entire kitchen will be remodeled with all new appliances.

In the meanwhile, we'll post pics occasionally on the progress.  And someone already took the range off the curb today!
I did make granola bars in the microwave today...I'll let you know how they turned out.  Only had to bake 5 minutes :)

Before Remodel
Empty and ready for demo
Range gone

Range and Backsplash Gone
Counter Gone

All Gone!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coquito Recipe from Inaru Rustaurant in San Juan Puerto Rico

While on Cayamo music cruise in January one of our ports was San Juan Puerto Rico.  We spent the day wandering the streets of Old San Juan, where Tim got a haircut from a barber.  Before heading back to the ship we stopped in at Inaru Restaurant for a cocktail.  I  had a mojito, of course!  As we arrived the staff was removing the Christmas tree from the restaurant in preparation for San Sebastian Festival coming up just after our visit.  The staff was very friendly and before we left they gave us a sample of their version of "eggnog", Coquito, which is a punch served during the holiday season.  The bartender was kind enough to share his recipe with me.  It's dangerously good, and dairy free!

3 cans cream of coconut
1 can coconut  milk
2-3 spoonfuls of condensed milk
1/2 bottle light rum
2-3 shots gold rum
2-3 shots Frangelico
grated nutmeg
1 cinnamon stick per bottle

Keeps refrigerated for up to 2 months