Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homemade Sriracha

It's hot pepper time!  While I was at the Dane County Farmer's Market today on a rare Wednesday off work I saw a bucket of hot red chilis and decided to make some homemade Sriracha, which we love at our house!

I have a new computer and still can't find all my files so I went searching for a recipe on the Internet.  I'm using this one, which I like because it has an option for a fermented version.

While this isn't real labor intensive, it is time consuming to snip all the ends off the stems and chop the chilis before pureeing in the food processor, and watch out when you lift the lid off the processor...WHOOOEEE!  That's some serious hot pepper aroma!

Now the peppers are fermenting and in a week I'll finish the process by cooking them in the vinegar and then we can try it out!