Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beast's Kitchen Remodeling

There isn't much cooking going on this weekend in Beast's Kitchen.  And Beast is not happy about that!  He's very concerned his stove is gone and his favorite perch on top of the cabinets is gone too.

Wait until he finds out they aren't coming back!

Tim is busy building new framework for the tower for the new ovens and the counter for the new cooktops.  We have the counter on order and as soon as it is installed in about 2 weeks we'll get the appliances installed too.  Bonus for the kitties the new oven vents down toward the floor, so there will be a nice new warm spot on the kitchen floor for the kitties to snuggle up in.

The last thing cooked in the oven was pizza, so I think the first thing in the new oven should be pizza too!
And then I'll be able to bake pies for Thanksgiving to bring to Minnesota.  One gluten free for my sissy, and at least one more for the traditionalists.

Once the work is all done on this part we can start working on the other side of the room.  By the end of 2014 hopefully the entire kitchen will be remodeled with all new appliances.

In the meanwhile, we'll post pics occasionally on the progress.  And someone already took the range off the curb today!
I did make granola bars in the microwave today...I'll let you know how they turned out.  Only had to bake 5 minutes :)

Before Remodel
Empty and ready for demo
Range gone

Range and Backsplash Gone
Counter Gone

All Gone!

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