Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nicoletti's Ristorante

When we travel we love to visit local restaurants, and we choose carefully because we only have so many meals to eat each day. When in St Louis we enjoy the thin crust pizza at Nicoletti's in Ballwin. On our last visit the restaurant was busy as usual, but we were able to be seated immediately. When you first enter you step directly into the dining room and at first glance it appears to be a small place. But once you look a bit further you'll notice quite a few tables in the bar area and an additional dining room off the main one. The decor is furnished with antiques and is quite charming.
While we were dining Mr Nicoletti stopped by our table to ensure we were enjoying ourselves and his food. We assured him that we were and that we stop in whenever we can while visiting town. The menu is traditional italian and offers everything from pasta to steaks. We've tried a variety of items offered but enjoy the thin crust pizza the most.
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