Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beans, Pickles and Yes--Blueberries

Beans and pickles--dilly beans and pickles. It's canning time and just before heading to St Louis to see Tim's daughter Angela, and his grandson, Isaac I canned up some dill pickles and some dilly beans. Coincidentally while we were visiting, little baby Isaac ate some beans and pickles, at the urging of his Grandma (me!) He's only 9 months old, and has only two teeth, but he has a great appetite and so far likes pretty much everything! Last weekend my niece, Sarah, was married in Illinois. I've just added the photos to the people section of the photography pages. Check them out! And yes, FINALLY I've found blueberries. They haven't been easy to find this year, and don't come cheap, at $8 per quart, but boy are they yummy!

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