Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Child Left A Dime

You won't see this often--I'm not into politics, but this was too good to pass up. While walking home from the library 5 minutes ago, yes, walking...some of us still do that, I saw this bumper sticker, and thanks to modern technology it's now on my Blog. Recently we've been talking in the back yard with the neighbors about what a joke the "economic stimulus" checks are, how much money it will cost us and our children to pay for this foolishness and how it really isn't going to help the economy at all. So I took a few steps back and took a picture of the bumper sticker with my cell phone, and while I was taking it I read the one above...priceless. Of course, often even if you do vote people like Bush & Cheney get selected--that's how pitiful the options are. So, that's my two cents on current politics.
But while I'm on a rant, in today's Wisconsin State Journal Opinion section, there was an article about the FDA allowing irradiation of greens, and how "The move will protect Wisconsin consumers from bad spinach and food-borne illness-but only if they buy irradiated products." HUH??? Hello, nice pitch for corporate agriculture. If we all eat locally grown produce and know who our farmers are and how they handle our food we really don't have too much to worry about, AND it's good for the local economy and environmentally correct too. Buy Local--It's Fresh and Safe.

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