Thursday, January 22, 2009

Support local business, they need us more than ever now

During these challenging economic times it is ever more important to support the locally owned and operated businesses in our communities. Madison Restaurant Week is January 25-30 and I encourage you to partake in the special menus offered by participating restaurants, and support the locals. I understand way better than most people how hard it can be to run a local business. Long hours, difficult finances, sacrificing family life, hobbies and free time; having employees who depend upon your ability to make their payroll so they can feed their families; and other local businesses depending upon your business for their success. Profits are evasive, if even attainable. A life's savings, retirement and home equity are all put on the line. Frequently personal health is at risk due to long hours, stress, poor diet and inability to exercise. All this to "Live the American Dream". (and people think it's a cake-walk having your own business--ha!) So now, when the going is tough, when jobs are being cut, when dollars are stretched thin, I urge you--PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY how you use your disposable income. Support the local restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore, clothing retailer, hardware store and grocer. If we are not there for them now, they won't be here for us later when things improve. We can make a difference. Let's vote with our dollars.

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