Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

If there ever was one, today is a day to be proud to be American. President Obama was inaugurated today, just one day after we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. If you've been keeping up with Beast's kitchen, you know I'm not a political person, nor is Beast a political beast, nor are we particularly Gung-Ho Americans, but today, we're a touch prouder to admit we're Americans. There truly is hope for change. I wish my friend Sandra had lived to see this. She died from Breast Cancer almost 2 years ago. While I knew her Sandra devoted her work life to preventing discrimination in the workplace and to promoting equal rights. Sandra would have loved this time in America's history. So, I raise my glass in toast to the new President and to my good friend Sandra, who I miss dearly. Cheers!

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