Thursday, July 1, 2010

Squash Blossoms and berries, berries and cherries!

At market this week expect to find squash blossoms, more than just pretty flowers...edible and delicious too!  You'll also find the end of most of the strawberries, loads of raspberries, maybe some blueberries and the beginning of Door County Cherries. 
I became enamoured with squash blossoms a few years ago when a friend described how deliciously they are prepared in Italy and now I eagerly await squash blossom season. 

Here's a simple recipe to try:
While you're at the market be sure to pick up some of the last of the main season strawberries and fresh raspberries and maybe even blueberries for a great summer crumble.  I've heard the sweet Door County Cherries will be showing up shortly as well.  The pie cherries are still a couple of weeks away.  It's supposed to be gorgeous on Saturday so get out to your favorite market and pick up some treats for the holiday weekend!
OOH, I almost forgot...I tried something new this year....strawberry infused vodka.  It's only been marinating for a couple of weeks, but I snuck a taste the other night and it is scrumptious....slightly sweet, definitely pink and seems like it will go well with sparkling water and lime or maybe mint when the time comes.

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