Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sala Thai

Yesterday we finally tried Sala Thai on Fair Oaks near Milwaukee Street.  I'm not sure why we waited so long, but I know we'll be back again soon!  We went for lunch and arrived about 1:15 and were the only people there for a while until another couple came in to eat.  We ordered the Vietnamese Spring Roll, which comes with two and is  filled with cilantro, cucumber, carrots, lettuce, vermicelli noodles and eggs or shrimp.  We got the veggie version.  The Vietnamese style are served cold in a rice wrapper with a garlic peanut dipping sauce.  They were so huge and fantastic that I forgot all about taking a picture until they were gone.  I can't wait to go back for more.  We also ordered the Chicken Satay, which has 4 skewwers of grilled, marinated chicken and is served with a thick peanut sauce and a fresh cucumber salad.  The chicken was incredibly tender and moist and they were clearly made to order, not sitting in a steam table in the back.  The peanut sauce was good enough to drink and the cucumber salad was crisp and refreshing.  Another would order again for sure.  The only strange thing was the chicken was served on a piece of bread, which wasn't necessary to the dish.  We also ordered the Pad Kraprow, a spicy stir fry of peppers, onlions, garlic, mushrooms and basil with shrimp.  You can also order this with Chicken, Pork or Beef.  It was described on the menu as very hot, but my taste buds enjoyed a slow burn that I wouldn't classify as very hot.  It is not for those with mild tastes, though.  The dish was served over rice and was a plentiful lunch portion, allowing for leftovers...the best part!  We also ordered the Panang Curry with Shrimp, which is a peanut sauce curry with potatoes, carrots and basil.  It was really saucy and very good.  This also came served over rice and could be ordered with Chicken, Tofu or Beef instead of shrimp.  The menu is varied and has many options, with lunch portions during the day and dinner portions at night.  They also serve beer and wine and offer To Go food as well.  From the outside the building looks small, but there are a surprising number of tables and they aren't all jammed together.
According to the Carry Out menu, the hours are: Sunday-Monday Dinner 5-9; Tuesday-Thursday Lunch 11-3; Dinner 5-9; Friday Lunch 11-3; Dinner 5-9:30; Saturday Lunch 11:30-3; Dinner 5-9:30.
The phone is 608-246-1889 and the address is 36 S Fair Oaks Ave.
Give them a try won't be disappointed with the food, service or atmosphere.
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