Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This time of year there always seems to be an abundance of fresh basil to go along with the tomatoes and other yummy fresh veggies in the garden. When bringing home fresh basil from the farmer's market, the best way to store it if you are not planning to use it the same day is to strip the leaves off the bottom 3-4 inches, trim the very bottom of the stems and store it in water just like you would fresh flowers. If the leaves are sitting in the water they will rot, so be sure not to fill the vase, pitcher or glass too full with water, just enough to keep the bottom of the stems wet. They make a lovely addition to your counter or tabletop and will keep several days this way. The ones in the photo have been in the vase for 1 week. Some have even sprouted so I'm going to plant them and see if I can keep them growing indoors...will let you know how that little experiment works out.

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