Monday, September 29, 2008

Eaphyllum Hookeri (? Huh ?) and Calendars

Eaphyllum Hookeri (???what???you're asking?) Well, let me tell you, on this, the first day of the new moon....
Tim has had this plant FOREVER, and four years ago on a magical fall night, well after we had taken it indoors for the winter, it bloomed. It had never bloomed before, and hasn't since. We've been trying for some time now to figure out what the heck the plant is, and how to make it bloom again. Recently while on his vacation, Tim found the plant on the web, after a full morning of relentless searching. Apparently there are several versions close to it, but none precisely as this one, so we're pretty sure we've got the right one. In any case, they don't bloom frequently...some people claim yearly, others claim only once in many years (that must be ours). Anywho, the story goes that it will bloom within 48 hours of the new moon. We figured that for so much WHOOEY, but when we looked up the date on our photo we realized it was only a week past a new moon, and it was entirely possible that the photo didn't make it from our camera to the computer for a week 4 years ago, pre-digital camera days for us.
SO....we're waiting patiently to see if this thing is truly going to bloom again. We've got three apparent blooms coming on one leaf and one bloom on another...check back tomorrow for photos of those...I forgot to take them before it got dark out and will try to remember to post them tomorrow so you can follow the progress.
It's sort of like the stinky flower at the UW which nobody goes to see even though it only blooms a few hours, because it is so stinky. Well, ours isn't stinky, but it is unpredictable and it lasts just a very short time. This time due to technology we plan to video it and post it here on Beast's Kitchen for y'all to see.
And now on to Calendars...yes, I know that was about lunar calendars, but I have a new 2009 calendar for purchase on HERE...check it out!


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