Saturday, July 19, 2008


I haven't yet decided how frequently I plan to write in the BLOG...more than once per week, possibly not daily. I've been working on a project using mussel and oyster shells lately, and of course it makes me hungry for mussels, so yesterday I went to the Seafood Center and purchased 4 lbs of fresh mussels, along with a half dozen oysters for Tim. Last night I made a Steamed Mussels in a Creole Mustard, Bacon and Cognac Cream Sauce recipe from Emeril, (which for some reason my computer won't let me link right now). I found the recipe on the Food Network if you want to try it. They were yummy but the sauce could have been thicker. That was the first 2 lbs. Tonight I'm preparing Curried Mussels. I am a hopeless foodie and thoroughly enjoy preparing foods that most people go out to eat. When I do eat out I'm always in search of new things to try and recreate at home. Often I find that I can prepare something equally as tasty at a much lower cost at home, which is great. Saturday is Farmer's Market day in Madison. The Dane County Farmer's Market is the largest outdoor market in the U.S. drawing approximately 20,000 people each week. Most of them don't buy much other than pastries and coffee and it's more of a place to socialize, be seen and talk about than it is a food source for the vast majority who attend. To avoid the annoying double wide stroller crowd it is best to arrive by 7 am and get in a trip round the capitol square to your favorite vendors before the crowds arrive. Anytime after 8 am it's hopelessly jammed with people standing in groups chatting while blocking the sidewalk. I usually buy way more than I need but always thoroughly enjoy all of it.

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