Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beast's Been Busy

Beast is sorry for neglecting his blog...he has been busy in the kitchen this week, helping with preparations for food for Tim for the week while Lisa works doubles all week for World Dairy Expo.  We cooked up a storm on Sunday and Monday and now won't be cooking until probably Sunday or Monday.  We made Leek and Potato Soup; Veggie Chili with Quinoa; Red Elk Tenderloin with beets sauteed in butter and cauliflower from JenEhr farm; Sausage Biscuits and Gravy with sage sausage from Jordandal Farm; Enchilada casserole with Ground Beef and Chorizo from Jordandal Farm; and last but definitely not least, Pork and Greens.  Needless to say the freezer gained a few pounds in addition to stocking the refrigerator to the gills for the week.  There was also some left over quinoa for a Mediterranean Quinoa salad with kalamata olives, feta and tomatoes from the garden.  We also saved some of the beans that went into the chili to make a beans and rice dish for late night snacking after work.
We'll be back to baking and cooking soon, with a new recipe for Gluten Free Chocolate Steamed Pudding Cheesecake, specially for my Sissy!